IBSA-HS is a trilateral agreement between India, Brazil and South Africa, to promote South-Cooperation and exchange on several mutually agreed upon areas of interest within the housing sector. The IBSA-HS partners are currently the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation in India, Ministry of Cities in Brazil, and the Department of Human Settlements in South Africa. They are supported by the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam, being the knowledge partner.

Taking Forward Urban Housing and Habitat Policy for Sustainable Development


Development of common conceptualization and approach between parties in the areas of human settlements development particularly slums upgrading and housing for the poor.


Enhance existing cooperation in exchange of experience and information and multilateral cooperation through participation in workshops, regional positions, etc.


Collaboration in defining fundamentals of housing and human settlements development for a shared understanding.
The collaboration focuses on three pillars:

  • Policy
  • Research
  • Technical cooperation


Promotion of cooperation in training and skills development, exchange of scientific knowledge, dissemination of cost effective building materials, development of policy framework and implementation as well as strengthening partnerships of Non-Governmental Organisations achieve in Human Settlements.